Decade in the National Capital!!!

It doesn’t quite register still how Delhi struck a chord & gradually paved its way to Dilli…

Tip-toeing out of her secured nest to the city of unknowns, little did she know,

The city of Cruella, Ursula, Scar & Jafar mystically had a Roger, Flounder, Raksha & Pumba too.

Quintessentially the sensory palette to poets & artists, embraced the little jittery girl with her share of rainbows & rainfalls!!

There was always a Bagheera & a Baloo helping her pave her path in the corporate jungle,

Home sickness didn’t cross her shore as she became a part of the family of unknowns.

Each time she got hit, there was someone working on her invincible spirit,

Her hunger pangs at odd hours were satiated by her best pals,

Her skittish spirit often danced in revelry all night with similar light hearted souls.

Breakup & betrayal wouldn’t be an easy phase without the shoulders to sob on & how much she wished “Breakup Kar Liya” should have released earlier, for her gang to tap their feet on.

Her gift of gab fortunately earned her more virtues than woes,

The city gave her all that she desired, deserved & much more.

Her soul mate came, not riding on a charming horse, but to write a fairytale of their own.

Dilli steadily made itself her home, after all, here is where she had learnt to soar.